College Library

NBBGC has a central library and departmental libraries in almost all the Departments. There is open access for students and staff. The reading room is well furnished and well ventilated which accommodates students at a time and provides a conducive environment for study. An exclusive reference section is available in the library. The visitor’s book is separately maintained for the faculties and students and has been placed next to the entrance. The safety of the library resources is ensured by asking the students to keep their bags in the racks placed at the entrance of the library. Visitors are also required to sign in the register during their entry and exit. CCTV cameras are installed in the library for strict surveillance. All the library resources have bar codes to maintain a strict watch on its usage by the borrowers. To ensure broader circulation of the resource, a nominal fine is collected from the borrowers if they fail to return the books on the given 15 day’s time from the day of issuance. A well-equipped Digital Library with Internet connectivity is also housed in the Central Library for access to E-Resources that gives access to both the faculties as well as to the students.
The library is fully automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) through the SOUL Version 2 Library Management Software. The issue and return of books have been activated with the SOUL2 Library Management Software.
Maintenance of Library Facilities:
The books and journals are maintained in the library against disfiguring and spoiling. Stock verification is done as a part of regular monitoring and control by the Library Committee of the College. Pest and fungus control is done on regular basis for keeping books safe and secure.
A Library Committee has been constituted with 5 members for coordination in respect of learning resources. The Committee deals with the following issues with the sole intent of overall development of the Library infrastructure.
· Procurement of new books & renew of journals and recommendations for additional books.
· Updating and maintaining of all library records
· Addressing issues and grievances of users
· Update and upgrade the library contents, periodically as per updates in curriculum
· The Committee also asks for the latest and appropriate books through the Departmental Heads to supply fresh and novel information among the students.