Gender Sensitization Cell

In terms of Sikkim University Policy against Sexual Harassment contained in Notification No. S.U./2009-10/2332 dated 14/09/2009 this College constituted a "Gender Sensitization Unit" (GSU-SGC) vide Office Order No. 122/SGC/2013 dated 23/07/2013 with the primary objective to provide an environment for work and study free of sexual harassment, which aligns with the requirement of an institution of higher education.

The Sikkim University outlined the following objectives for its Gender Sensitization Unit, which shall be deemed to be applicable in all its affiliated Colleges in the State:

  1. To facilitate gender-sensitive and congenial work environment;
  2. To prevent sexual harassment, which includes a behavior which violates an individual's dignity and interferes with her/his ability to operate freely at work; The scope of the unit shall not be restricted only to sexual harassment but shall also raise issues against all types of discrimination;
  3. The Unit shall be approachable to any employee or student;
  4. Apart from preventing sexual harassment, the unit shall also undertake to educate all employees/students of the University on the Rules and Procedures of GSU
  5. GSU shall also strive for women empowerment in the University in academic/ professional and social aspects.

The Sikkim University defined "Sexual Harassment" and all other related wordings in its policy document along with the roles and functions vis-à-vis the Rules and Procedures of the GSU, and the same applies to GSU-SGC, Tadong