Procedure and Policies

The students are encouraged to use different physical, academic and support facilities of the college. Being the oldest college and having the best infrastructural facilities in the State, the college administration always lays emphasis on optimum use of its resources by the students.

Hostel Facility: The college collects a meager Rs. 450 per month as the room rent from the hostel boarders. The hostel mess is maintained by a committee formed from among the borders. All the hostels are equipped with recreational facilities required for the boarders. The hostels are managed by the Hostel Superintendants appointed from among the staff members of the college. All hostels are provided with Cooks and Cleaning Staff (Safai Karmachari) to look after their assigned works.

Transportation of the Students: Students are provided with transport facility to and fro from the college in the college bus at a very concessional rate.

College Library: The Central Library of the college have a collection of more than 21,000 books, Research Journals and INFLIBNET facility. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the library facility. The library also accommodates computers with internet facility for academic use. The Central Library also has a special corner for visually challenged student/s. Photocopying facility at a subsidized rate is also provided to the students. Besides Central Library, all the academic departments have their own Departmental Library to cater specific subject wise needs of the students.

Indoor Stadium and Gymnasium: The Indoor Stadium and Gymnasium of the college is free for students to avail the facilities. Besides boarders of the hostels, the facilities are availed by all interested students

Drinking Water Facility: The college has centralized clean and treated drinking water facilities at two places. The maintenance of the facilities is regularly done.

Canteen Facility: The facility of Canteen in the college is used by students and staff. The canteen is very neat and tidy and serves food at much cheaper rate than other food joints around the college.

Departmental Laboratories: For academic departments having practical element in its syllabus, facility of departmental laboratories is maintained for the students. Students are encouraged to use the laboratories beyond their usual class timings. Various researches by faculty members are also carried on these laboratories.

Computer Labs and Facilities: All the students are provided with laptop computers by the Government. Besides that, the students make use of the computer labs and departmental computers. The staff of the college also has easy access to the computers. The college has Bachelor of Vocational Studies course in Software Development which has well equipped computer laboratory accessible by the students.

Classrooms: Normally classes are scheduled in the classrooms of the same building/complex where the academic departments are located. In case the classrooms are not sufficient to accommodate students in some papers (more so in compulsory papers), classes are scheduled in the nearby buildings where larger rooms are available. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the ICT facility in the classrooms.

Lavatories and Common Rooms: The college has separate common rooms for girls and boys with adequate lavatories having running water facility.