Hostel Facilities


The college provides residential facilities to its students, currently we have three major blocks designated as hostel buildings in the campus. Rangit Boys Hostel- I, Rangit Boys Hostel-II and Teesta Girls Hostel, all are located near the main playground of the college giving access to ample open space for the students for their physical activities. The hostel location is at a distance from the main highway thus the providing much needed tranquil atmosphere for focusing on their academic activities.

Admission in the hostel is done by inviting application in a prescribed format from the aspiring students of the first semester after their admission in the college. Seats are allotted on the priority basis for the students belonging to the marginal sections (SC/ST/OBC) and also to those students coming from the remote and far-flung areas. Remaining seats, if available are usually allotted to students of other categories.

The hostels are well furnished and operate under the supervision of Hostel Management Committee (HMC). The students are expected to contribute towards the cleanliness of their blocks. However, there are designated cleaning staffs for maintaining hygiene. The hostel does not provide self-cooking facility; their meals are prepared by cooks following a particular time table, except for Sundays. The students can use the hostel kitchen on Sundays to prepare meals of their choice.

Apart from the common rooms there are 24 rooms in Rangit-I, 18 rooms in Rangit-II and 20 rooms in Teesta Girls Hostel. The rooms are generally shared by two occupants; however, it may be extended to three in case of emergencies.

The Hostel charges are as follows:-

Admission fee: Rs 2000/- (Non-refundable
Caution deposit: Rs 1000/- (Refundable)
Games & Sports fee: Rs 200/- (One Time Payment)
Health & Emergency fee: Rs 200/- (One Time Payment)
Library fee: Rs 50/- (One Time Payment)
Room Rent: Rs 450/- (Per Month)
Mess Fee: Rs 2000/- (Per Month)