As mandated by the University Grants Commission a Student Grievance - Redressal Cell was constituted in the college in March 2015 to provide a mechanism through which students can express their grievances and to find a solution for such grievances. The Student Grievance Redressal Cell is usually headed by a senior faculty member appointed by the Principal of the college and is assisted by three to four committee members. A student representative is also usually appointed by the Principal to be a member of the Committee. The Committee is appointed for a period of two years.
The aim of the Grievance Redressal Cell is to look into any complaint lodged by a student and to provide redressal within a stipulated period of time. A student has to submit his/her grievance in writing. This can be done by directly submitting his/ her letter to any member or members of the Committee. A student also has the option to drop his/her letter of complaint in the grievance / complaint boxes placed at different points in the college campus. There are a number boxes placed in each academic building within the college campus. A students may lodge his/her complaints/grievances through an anonymously letter also. The Grievance Boxes are opened time to time and issues expressed by the students are addressed as per their merit.
Students may lodge their grievances regarding academic as well as extra-academic matters. They may express their complaints regarding issues on areas such as admission, fees structure, hostel accommodation, library facilities, teaching method, completion of syllabus, availability of basic amenities in the campus such as drinking water and toilet facilities, students’ cafeteria etc.
Students are found to express their grievances regarding the water problem in the student’s toilets and their problems are solved by the college administration as and when such complaints are expressed. There has been a complaint regarding the absence of a certain book in the college library. It was seen that the said book was included when the next purchase was made by the college library. There have been cases of students complaining about individual teachers regarding their methods of teaching. Such sensitive cases are resolved by taking the help of the principal of the college.
The Grievance Redressal Cell aims to encourage students to contribute their suggestions for the improvement of the college. The Cell aims to be a facility where students can lodge their grievances without any fear and expect themselves to be heard.