Ramailo Ropain II

Department of Nepali organized field trip to Tirkutam, Sang for 4th Semester Nepali Honours students on 27th June, 2024. The theme ‘Ramailo Ropain’ which translates to Enjoy Paddy Transplantation is an initiative of the Department of Nepali, NBBGC to engage students in rice cultivation as a tribute to the local culture and tradition. Men take the responsibility of ploughing the fields using ox, arrange drain water and make fine mud slurry field, while women gather the seedlings and plant them.

The group of students was led by Dr. Tek Bahadur Chhetri, Assistant Professor, Department of Nepali. Paddy field was cleaned and bund were prepared. After flooding, the boys levelled the field with harrow, mallot and leveller. Girls took part in transplanting paddy. During levelling the field and transplanting paddy plant, students joyously participated in Ropain Geet (Nepali folk song on Paddy plantation) and Ropain Nritya (Nepali folk dance on Paddy plantation).

The chief objectives of this programme include:

a. to enhance the knowledge of traditional paddy cultivation;
b. to develop team work among students;
c. to introduce and develop appreciation of Nepali folk culture;
d. to familiarize with the instruments and names of various workers specific to paddy cultivation.

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